A community of women committed to building their business in a feminine, heart centered way.

This curated group of women is open to all women entrepreneurs.  

You are interested in finding fulfillment in all that you do. You are intrigued by the thought of using spiritual principles in your life and business. You are wanting deeper connections and conversations with your peers and other entrepreneurial women.  

There will be options to be part of this collective in an online only membership. There will also be offline opportunities consisting of in person meet-ups, VIP days with Heidi, and quite possibly a retreat to Costa Rica or Greece. (can we get an amen!) There will be opportunities to dive deeper with Heidi or a Jr. Coach for strategies on your business.

 For you to make the impact you are here to make, doing the "inner work" isn't a luxury, its mandatory.  

The Intention of The Collective...

is to be much more inclusive and accessible than previous groups that Heidi has held. She is ready to bring all of you together, give you the magic that she holds, and have your life (and business) transform because of it.  

There will be a pilot program launching in the next 30 days. If you are interested in being part of this, please sign up here. We will not be sharing about this publically and the only way to get information on the pilot program will be to sign up here.  

We can’t wait to conect all of you who are desiring to tap into the depth that is available for you and consciously create the business and life you desire.  

"Any opportunity to be in Heidi’s presence I will jump on. It is such a powerful experience to be in this high vibe with all these women. I’ve learned so much, I feel so clear, confident and ready to take control of my business." - Karen Cook