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 The Feminine Collective is an application based membership community for women entrepreneurs to connect, receive coaching and be inspired to be the best version of themselves in business and life.  

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Every month, there is a theme and you will receive an Alignment Video teaching on this topic. This content is created exclusively for members in TFC. Examples of themes include: The Power of Feminine Energy in your Business, Upleveling your Frequency and Money Mindset, Having Conscious Conversations in your Business and Life, Staying focused on your Vision and Mission, Asking for and Receiving Support, and Tapping into the Miracle Monday Mindset. 


There are two live coaching calls per month with Heidi and the other women in The Feminine Collective. The Integration Call takes place on the second week of the month, and The Breakthrough Call is the last week of the month. You can ask both business and personal questions on these calls. Heidi's coaching is powerful, transformational and these are often the most impactful experiences for the members of this community!


Every month, you will receive grounding exercises to deepen in your ability to work your mental, emotional and spiritual processes. You will receive at minimum one meditation and one journalling exercise every month, but often will recieve bonus content all throughout the month!


Heidi offers bonus Facebook lives throughout the month on specific topics (last month she offered two trainings: Hiring great team members and Deepening your Spiritual Orientation to Life and Business). There is bonus content offered through throughout the month, and we will be integrating bonus guest speakers in the coming months!


You become who you hang around. You probably already know just how vital it is to surround yourself with other women to bounce ideas off of, to support you through the ups and downs and to connect on a deeper level with. This is your tribe to do just that. You will have a private Facebook group that is easily accessible from your phone to check in on a regular basis, as well as opportunities to gather in person.


There will be a minimum of one, two-day live event offered per year as part of your membership. The first event will take place in Los Angeles in March/April 2020.

Founded in Los Angeles, For Women Everywhere.


The Feminine Collective is a community based membership program of women entrepreneurs committed to building a successful and purposeful business without sacrificing themselves in the process.  

You are committed to elevating the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of yourself so that you become the women who creates the business and life you know is possible.  



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Who this is for:

  • You are a women entrepreneur and want to learn more about how to connect the dots between spirituality and business. You want to feel inspired, you want to follow your intuition and you want to experience success without burnout or exhaustion.  
  • You believe in the power of community, supporting one another and creating a bond with women in a similar position.  
  • You know that being in a high frequency and vibration will be the thing that supports you in continuous and consistent action.  
  • You crave being in a group of women going through similar ups and downs and experiencing real connection with them, not just through social media.  
  • You want to deepen in your own spirituality and personal relationship with the Universe, with Source and learn to leverage this connection to experience more abundance in all areas of your life.  
  • You want more clients or customers, you want more financial success and you're ready to elevate into a new frequency and vibration to attract them.  
  • You are willing to do the inner, deeper work, even if that means being uncomfortable at times.  
  • You are committed to showing up and actively participating in a community of women that are on a similar path and journey.  
  • You are willing to be coachable. You know that being open minded and willing to change the way you are doing things is the key to growth.  
  • You care about self-care, your health, your family and running your business and life in a way that feels holistic and healthy.  

Who this isn’t for:

  • You are looking for beginning business coach. If you are looking for a specific how-to guide to get your business off the ground, please inquire with my team about our 12 week course: The Mindful Business Accelerator. Please email to learn more about the MBA. 
  • Women only wanting 1:1 coaching. This is a collaborative community experience. You will have an opportunity to receive coaching on your professional and personal questions via the monthly Breakthrough Call. 
  • You don’t care about tapping into the more soulful side to run your business. We are not afraid to go deep in this community!  

This community is better than I expected. Very in depth and more content than I thought there would be. So happy. I LOVE LOVE the monthly and then the weekly intentions/focus. That helped A LOT. I am getting a lot out of it already!"

Jessica Krewson, Marketing & Branding Coach

I loved the opportunity to break into groups and practice holding space for one another on one of the bi-monthly calls. With our first month’s theme Brave Conversations- it was such an eye opener for me and I jumped in and started with real, good conversations that needed to happen that I ordinarily wouldn’t have had. As the weeks went on, I realized even deeper conversations needed to happen and did!! It was such good practice and a big stretch- and the work continues!!  

Ana Sanson, Life Coach 

What to expect when you join this group, show up fully and actively participate: 

  • Confidence to run your business in a way that's in alignment and lights you up on every level. 
  • Learn skills of intuitive listening, asking great questions and becoming a leader that will have dramatic results on attracting clients/customers and building your team. 
  • Deepen in your self worth, raise your price points and remove any questions or stories about what people will or won't pay you.
  • How to have the courage and communicate your boundaries with your family, your friends and your clients so you can stay focused on what matters most. 
  • How to best work with your time, manage all of your to-do’s and feel like you are making the most out of every day.
  • How to get clear on what your needs are, and the best ways to communicate those to people around you.
  • Giving yourself permission to fill your tank up first, create time and space for self-care, work on your business and be the mom and wife you want to be.  

...and if all the above content wasn’t enough..

You will receive mentorship and guidance from Heidi on live calls and be connected to a community of women entrepreneurs who are all committed to creating lives and businesses better than they even realized.

I’ve been working with Heidi for almost two years and I’ve come to a few of these events and I’m always so amazed at how many breakthroughs happen. I always know I’m going to get inspiration and clarity but Heidi always throws something at me that isn't what I’m expecting but exactly what I needed."  

Catherine Sheppard, The Lifestyled

Who is behind The Feminine Collective?

Hi there, I'm Heidi Stevens, spiritual business mentor and community activator.  

Founder of The Feminine Collective, The Soul of Business Podcast and the founder of Thrive and The Mindful Business Accelerator (MBA), I've had the honor to personally mentor more than 200 women through my programs, and touch many more lives through speaking, podcasting and cultivating community.  

My former life was in commercial real estate, where I found myself having a lot of “success” but grappling with how to be a woman in a male dominated industry. Experiencing a health challenge early on, I went on a personal development journey and spiritual quest that led me to many healers, gurus and ultimately receiving my masters in Spiritual Psychology in 2014. I was simultaneously building a multiple 7 figure real estate company while doing this inner work and while I was beginning to find glimpses of inner peace, life still felt divided.  

As I continued on my journey, I noticed that the more I leaned into meditation, mindset work, manifestation e xercises,and the deeper feminine work, the more successful my business became. I attracted my partner and found myself co-creating experiences and attracting things in all areas of my life. I realized just how closely business strategy, spirituality and my mindset were aligned, and I knew it was time for me to share this content with other women.  

I am a mom of two little ones. I am a wife, a friend, sister, daughter. I am a lover of life and travel and I am committed to experiencing life to the fullest. I look forward to supporting you in using more femininity and spiritually aligned principles to both grow your business and create a life full of meaning, joy and true happiness.  

A note from Heidi:

I know how deeply you want to experience the success, abundance, and fulfillment in your business and life. Most people in my industry will sell you “want you want” and then “give you want you need.” I’m willing to go out on a limb here and share with you.. .whether you want it or not - that you need to do the inner work. You need to have the confidence, the self-worth, the community of sisters, you need to have your mind, body and soul aligned so that you can build the business and be vibrating at the frequency of the abundance and success that you want.  

I started this community because of my own soul’s calling, despite business mentors telling me it wasn’t a financially “smart” idea. I have heard the call, I am willing to take the risk, and I hope you decide to come along with me on this journey. And that’s exactly what we will be doing in The Feminine Collective. Please note, this content and program is designed to support you in integrating over time. A six month minimum commitment is highly suggested.  



$248/USD per month  

$198/USD per month (Limited rate) Available thru September 16th 



$1,198/USD every 6 months 

$998/USD for six months (Limited rate) Available thru September 16th  

What other women are saying about being in a community with Heidi...


"Any opportunity to be in Heidi’s presence I will jump on. It is such a powerful experience to be in this high vibe with all these women. I’ve learned so much, I feel so clear, confident and ready to take control of my business." 

Karen Cook, The Wyldflower Collective


"I loved the Alignment video to get me started for the month - I had a few really impactful insights from that. The Breakthrough call was so amazing and I really liked the exercises and meditations as well.  

Kristine Aletha, Life Coach 


"Being a member of Heidi's community and participating in her retreats is an amazing opportunity to network with empowered women. Having the opportunity to connect like this and get my questions answered in this environment has been truly transformational."  

Angelica Ray, Intuitive Coach


What happens at the end of 6 months? Great question! Your membership is renewed at the same rate that you are currently enrolled. 

How big will the Feminine Collective be? There will not be a cap to how many women can join this group.

What if I want more Direct Mentorship with Heidi? Heidi offers 60-90 minute intensives as well as 3 month mentorship opportunities for a select number of clients. Please email Heidi’s team for availability and more information

Are you going to be covering business strategy in this group? Yes, you can ask business questions anytime! Heidi will be available to answer these in the monthly breakthrough call and during any of the bonus Facebook lives. There is also a wealth of knowledge that our community has to support you in your growth!  

All my questions are answered sign me up!

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