What to expect when you join this group, show up fully and actively participate: 

  • Confidence to run your business in a way that's in alignment and lights you up on every level. 
  • Learn skills of intuitive listening, asking great questions and becoming a leader that will have dramatic results on attracting clients/customers and building your team.  
  • Deepen in your self worth, raise your price points and remove any questions or stories about what people will or won't pay you.  
  • How to have the courage and communicate your boundaries with your family, your friends and your clients so you can stay focused on what matters most.  
  • How to best work with your time, manage all of your to-do’s and feel like you are making the most out of every day.  
  • How to get clear on what your needs are, and the best ways to communicate those to people around you.  
  • Giving yourself permission to fill your tank up first, create time and space for self-care, work on your business and be the mom and wife you want to be. 

...and if all the above content wasn’t enough... 

You will receive mentorship and guidance from Heidi on live calls and be connected to a community of women entrepreneurs who are all committed to creating lives and businesses better than they even realized.

 For you to make the impact you are here to make, doing the "inner work" isn't a luxury, its mandatory.  

How The Feminine Collective Works: 

Sample topics will be: The Feminine Way to Receive, Having Bold and Audacious Dreams and Goals, Stepping into Brave Conversations, Giving Yourself Permission, Asking for and Receiving Support. 

You Will get on a phone call live with Heidi and all the other women in the The Feminine Collective. Heidi will facilitate processes to support you in fully integrating the topic of the month. It is highly suggested that for this specific call, you are somewhere undistracted and able to be fully present.

Every 3rd week of the month, there will be a minimum of one exercise for you to deepen and more fully integrate the topic. Examples of these include: meditations, journal prompts and workbooks for you to go through. 

You will have an opportunity to receive breakthrough coaching from Heidi during this call. All you need to do is submit your question through your private community portal, and Heidi will bring you on during this live training call!

You become who you hang around. You probably already know just how vital it is to surround yourself with other women to bounce ideas off of, to support you through the ups and downs and to connect on a deeper level with. This is your tribe to do just that. You will have a private Facebook group that is easily accessible from your phone to check in on a regular basis.

The next live event is in Los Angeles, CA October 1-3rd. The next retreat will be in Joshua Tree, CA in November 2019 and we're planning another retreat for February 2020. If this is something you desire to participate in, we'll put your name at the top of the list once you join The Feminine Collective.

"I wasn't sure how I was going to feel being in a community of women, how to be open and share. But after this experience with Heidi and these women I feel so clear on my next steps. I feel this lightness that it can be easy and it can be fun. Life isn't meant to be work, work, work it's supposed to feel good. Making money is great and amazing but it's also about creating a life you desire to live. Stepping away from this expereince I feel creative, free, expansive and I can't wait for the next retreat."

- Brittnee Lippert, Esthetician

Who is this for?

  • You are a soulful women entrepreneur who desires to build your business in an aligned way… you want to feel inspired, you want to follow your intuition and you want to experience success without burnout or exhaustion.  
  • You know it’s possible to build your business and show up fully as a mom / wife / sister / friend / etc. You struggle with this but you are committed to finding the way to experience it all. 
  • You know you are meant for more and experience the fulfillment, passion, purpose, and abundance that is readily available for you.  
  • You are done looking outside of yourself for all the answers. Yes, you want people’s opinions and you definitely want to use best practices, but you want to use your intuition and trust your inner compass.  
  • You want to deepen in your own spirituality and personal relationship with the Universe, with Source and learn to leverage this connection to experience more abundance in all areas of your life. 
  • You want more clients, you want more financial success and you're ready to elevate into a new frequency and vibration to attract them. 
  • You are willing to do the inner, deeper work, even if that means being uncomfortable at times. 
  • You are excited about being part of a community with a shared value system, supporting one another to build successful and soulful business and fulfilled and holistic lives.
  • You are committed to showing up and actively participating in a community of women that are on a similar path and journey. 
  • You know what you give and what you offer will come back to you x10. 
  • You are willing to be coachable. You know that being open minded and willing to change the way you are doing things is the key to growth.
  • You care about self-care, your health, your family and running your business and life in a way that feels holistic and healthy.  

Who this isn't for?

  • You are looking for beginning business coaching. If you are a women entrepreneur, looking for a how-to guide to get your business off the ground, please inquire with my team about our 12 week program: The Mindful Business Accelerator. Please email hello@heidistevens.co to learn more about the MBA. 
  • Women working in a corporate job, unless you are interested in transitioning to entrepreneurship.
  • Women only wanting 1:1 coaching. This is a collaborative community experience. You will have an opportunity to receive guidance on your professional and personal questions via the monthly Breakthrough Call. 
  • You don’t care about tapping into the more soulful side to run your business.
  • You believe that crazy hard work and the hustle is the only way to build your business, and you are unwilling to try something different.
  • You don’t see yourself actively participating in the community.  


I know you’ve been sharing that retreats will be part of this community. How do I participate in the next retreat? Great question. Yes, as you may know, offering retreats to this community is one of the things that Heidi is most passionate and excited about. We have a few coming up: The Empowered Entrepreneur event in Los Angeles Oct 1-3rd. The first Feminine Collective Retreat will be offered in November 2019, and the second will be in March 2020. All details about how these events will work and how to participate will be rolled out no later than August 1st.  

How big will the Feminine Collective be? There will not be a cap to how many women can join this group.  

Are you going to be covering business strategy in this group? There will be one breakthrough live call a month, and in that call you can ask whatever you need. Heidi will be reviewing all questions prior, and if there is a large need for a business strategy, she will address that and answer it on the call. We are currently offering two other programs specifically for business strategy: The MBA (Mindful Business Accelerator) and The Feminine Collective VIP (smaller groups within The Feminine Collective ). If you have specific questions about either of these, please email hello@ heidistevens.co